program overview

Y.A.N.A. provides a social learning environment and specialty curriculum designed to reduce the negative and traumatic effects that are often associated with being the child of incarcerated parents.

our specialized programs:

  • Helps youth develop strong interpersonal relationships.
  • Offers a safe community to connect peers and improve self-esteem.
  • Provides tools that enable youth to manage the long-term effects of parental incarceration.
  • Implements assessment tools to effectively manage student progress.
  • Accommodates a variety of age groups and learning styles.
  • Prepares students for life decisions and long-term goals.

Y.A.N.A. curriculum can be implemented in after-school programs, workshops, summer camps, and within school systems.

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Children who have experienced parental incarceration are more likely to experience

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We are so excited to launch YANA! It signals the beginning of our journey to reach
the thousands of children with incarcerated parents.